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About The Frink Law Firm...

The Frink Law Firm focuses its practice in the area of environmental law, including compliance counseling and permitting, environmental aspects of transactions, site characterization and remediation programs, response to agency inspections and enforcement actions, and site development/brownfield redevelopment.  Neal has over 25 years of combined experience in the environmental field, first as a chemical engineer and environmental professional and then as an environmental attorney.  This background provides a highly effective set of skills for developing solutions to environmental problems faced by clients.

The Firm's goal is to provide cost effective, timely and focused legal services in line with client objectives.  To accomplish that goal, the Firm embraces the following principles:

Alignment.  Legal services and client objectives must be aligned.  This requires a common understanding between the client and attorney of the background, objectives, scope of work, constraints, assumptions, risks and deliverables for the representation.

Communication.  Communication must be timely and two-way.  Updates on the status of the work and changes in conditions/assumptions ensure alignment is maintained over time.

Function.   Lawyers function in a variety of roles, including advisor, advocate, negotiator and evaluator.  Attorney-client communications must clearly distinguish between these roles.

Cost/Schedule.  The client is entitled to an expectation about cost and schedule.  Where appropriate, alternate fee arrangements may be used, including fixed fee and contingent fee agreements.
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